Part IV – Business and Society – Business Environment

PART IV: Business and Society

Chapter 23: Business and Society

Chapter 24: Business, Labour and Government

Chapter 25: Consumer Protection

Chapter 26: Investor Protection

Chapter 27: Environmental Protection

Chapter 28: Corporate Governance in India

Chapter 29: Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Chapter 30: Business Ethics in India

Part IV deals with business and society. It discusses in detail the constitutents of business, the characteristic features of modern businesses, the stakeholder model of business and the socio-economic objectives of business. The inter-relationship between business and society and the interaction between the two is also examined in this part. This part examines why business has a negative image and suggests what businesses should do to ensure that the society accepts them without any reservations. In this context, this part discusses business, its various stakeholders including labour and the government; consumer's rights, problems and protection; investors' rights, privileges, problems and protection; environmental issues, problems and protection. The part concludes with a discussion on the ethical trilogy of corporate governance in India, corporate social responsibility and business ethics in the Indian context.