Part VI – The Industrial Sector – Business Environment

PART VI: The Industrial Sector

Chapter 34: The Private Sector

Chapter 35: The Public Sector in India

Chapter 36: Privatization of Public Sector Enterprises

Chapter 37: The Joint Sector

Chapter 38: Globalization, MNCs and Foreign Capital in India

Chapter 39: India and Intellectual Property Rights

Part VI discusses developments in India's industrial sector between 1951 and 2009. Beginning with the inception, problems and the prospects of the country's private sector, including the government's policy towards it, this part closely examines the public sector in India, the rationale behind their establishment, the types of PSUs, their functioning, their performance. It is followed by a detailed discussion on the on-going issue of privatization of public sector enterprises, the merits and demerits of the proposal for privatization. There is also an analysis on joint sector enterprises in Indian industry. Since this part relates to industry, the discussion goes on to include globalization and, as an obvious concomitant, the role of MNCs in developing countries including India. The role of foreign capital in India, its merits and demerits are examined. This part concludes with a detailed analysis of India and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).