Parts Unlimited Employee Directory – The Unicorn Project

Parts Unlimited Employee Directory


Maxine Chambers, Developer Lead, Architect

Kurt Reznick, QA Manager

“Cranky Dave” Brinkley, Developer Lead

Shannon Corman, Security Engineer

Adam Flynn, QA Engineer

Dwayne Cox, Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Brent Geller, Ops Lead


Randy Keyes, Dev Manager

Purna Sathyaraj, QA and Release Manager

Rick Willis, QA Manager

William Mason, Director of QA

Wes Davis, Director of Distributed Technology Operations

Patty McKee, Director of IT Service Support


Steve Masters, CEO, Acting CIO

Dick Landry, CFO

Sarah Moulton, SVP of Retail Operations

Chris Allers, VP of Application Development

Kirsten Fingle, Director of Project Management

Maggie Lee, Senior Director of Retail Program Management

Bill Palmer, VP of IT Operations

John Pesche, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


Alan Perez, New Board Director, Operating Partner, Wayne-Yokohama Equity Partners

Bob Strauss, Lead Director, Former Chairman, Former CEO

Erik Reid, Prospective Board Director

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