Praise for LISA BODELL and KILL THE COMPANY – Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution

Praise for

“Lisa has done the impossible: she’s written a book that’s simple, powerful, and rewards organizations that have the guts to make change.”

—Seth Godin, author of The Purple Cow,
Linchpin, We Are All Weird,
and other best-sellers

“At Zappos, one of our core values is to ‘Embrace and Drive Change.’ Kill the Company shatters traditional notions of culture change and innovation. This book gives a fresh and interesting approach to businesses looking to make changes to their own cultures.”

—Tony Hsieh, the New York Times best-selling
author of Delivering Happiness
and CEO of, Inc.

“Lisa Bodell is a first-class change agent in the corporate world. She points out the often obvious but totally ingrained things that are stifling our companies, then goes on to share her plan for how we can start our own ‘innovation revolution.’

—Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times
best-sellers, MOJO and What Got You Here
Won’t Get You There

“Dylan’s Candy Bar will absolutely be utilizing Lisa Bodell’s inspiring toolkit to help us prepare for the year 2025. The thought starters and provocative questions in Kill the Company are an exceptionally useful blueprint for any company’s strategic plan.”

—Dylan Lauren, founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar

“The core message and call to arms in Kill the Company are both timely and spot on. Industrial management and MBA-training won’t help you think in a more adaptive, iterative, entrepreneurial way to invent and reinvent, but this book will.”

—Peter Sims, author of Little Bets and founder,
The Black Sheep

“This book is provocative yet its solutions are simple to achieve and it offers straightforward tools that can create real revolutionary change. Kill the Company is a must-read for every organization, whether a big company or a small business group within. Be prepared not only to look objectively at your organization, but also at yourself.”

—Paul Gerbino, Executive Director, Thomas
Industrial Network, Inc.

Kill the Company is the real company’s guide to implementing a culture of innovation. Unlike other books on the topic, it does not rely on the conjuring of mystical spirits or the anointing of corporate shamans to get your business to go from complacent to competitive. It is a how-to guide to make your real-world organization more imaginative, more inspired, and much more innovative.”

—Amanda L. Perrin, head of U.S. Talent
Management, NYSE Euronext

“A must-read for managers and leaders at all levels. Innovation is the key to our collective future, and this book provides some great ideas on how to get there.”

—Barbara Daniels, GE Capital Americas

“Those of us interested in innovation will be glad to know that innovator/futurist Lisa Bodell has finally captured her years of successful innovation work with clients in this book. It’s not only an inspiring manifesto to get on with it—one person and one project at a time—but it provides detailed concepts, examples, and tools for anyone to make innovation happen. Reading this book will launch you on a path to innovation that will you enable to create the future that you want.”

—Andy Hines, Lecturer/Executive in Residence,
University of Houston, Futures Studies

“Lisa Bodell is dead-on: ‘Everyone is a Change Agent.’ This book provides practical tools for anyone to change their company’s culture and raise their game in innovation.”

—Jeff Honious, VP, Innovation,
Reed Elsevier

“Innovation requires more than just a good idea. A company’s culture must persuade innovation to thrive. Bodell gives us a book full of practical wisdom and applicable tools for building a climate of innovation. Step-by-step exercises are laid out in each chapter. The dynamic framework make this an indispensable guide for innovation revolution.”

—Leigh W. Jerome, Ph.D., President & CEO,
The Institute for Triple Helix Innovation

“If you are a leader who is serious about taking an honest look at your company’s vulnerabilities then Kill the Company is a great read for you. Lisa Bodell has done a remarkable job in laying out a roadmap for culture change in a way that is practical and easy to implement. Get ready to ignite a thinking revolution in your company!”

—Joan Lawrence-Ross, CLO, AXA Equitable

“I know this book will have an impact for the simple reason that it made me uncomfortable. In a clear, Socratic fashion, it made me feel reactive, complacent, and punch drunk. It’s time to take off the handcuffs and blinders and put down the bazookas. Be prepared to be inspired by Kill the Company and see truly innovation opportunities.”

—Steve Weinswig, Vice President and
Managing Director at R/GA

Kill the Company will provide you with what you need to challenge the complacency of your day-to-day routine and bring about the type of change that is as much revolutionary as it is thoughtful and resilient.”

—Wayne Pethrick, Global Product Director, Pitney Bowes

“The most successful companies today are lead by managers who inspire and implement innovation. Kill the Company is an essential, straightforward guidebook that will show you how to get out of the status quo and grow into the roll of change-maker.”

—Michael Diamant, Co-founder and CEO, Skip Hop, Inc.

“Both enlightening and frightening at the same time! Bodell forced me to really ask myself some hard questions. Finally, a book that jarred my thinking but then also gave me a framework and tools to help me work towards better answers.”

—Judy Brown, CFO, Perrigo Pharmaceuticals

“The search for novel solutions is a hallmark of the player-innovator. In Kill the Company, Lisa Bodell guides the reader with practical examples from the real world, then provides tools that make sense to move beyond our current impasses.”

—Stuart Brown MD, founder and President,
The National Institute for Play

“The boldness of Lisa’s assertion that we must Kill the Company is only matched by the preciseness of the arguments, tools and techniques that she provides to show us how to do it.”

—Professor Tony O’Driscoll, Executive Director, Center for
Technology, Entertainment, and Media
(CTEM), Fuqua School of Business