Praise for the First Edition – ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action

Praise for the First Edition

... a must read for anyone who is serious about developing with the ASP.NET MVC framework.

Steve Michelotti, Microsoft MVP,

At merely 300 pages ASP.NET MVC in Action is a true masterpiece... The authors, Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman, and Jimmy Bogard are all considered rock stars in the ASP.NET community and they have opened up the doors to their concert with ASP.NET MVC in Action.

Mohammad Azam, Microsoft MVP

I really enjoyed ASP.NET MVC in Action and highly recommend it for a fresh look at the ASP.NET MVC Framework.

David Hayden, Microsoft MVP

Does a great job of walking developers through an introduction to MVC development that feels or reads like spending time with another developer at a whiteboard.

Michael K. Campbell, DevConnections

The authors clearly have a lot of experience with the framework and I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about building web applications with ASP.NET MVC.

Jeremy Skinner, ASP.NET Developer

ASP.NET MVC in Action should be at the top of your list... I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in breaking away from the pains of ASP.NET WebForms.

Andrew Siemer, Principal Architect, OTX Research

...does a good job of not only showing you what to do, but also provides cautionary words to avoid poor practices that may lead to maintenance issues on non-trivial applications.

Venkat Subramanian, NoFluffJustStuff Blogs