Preface 1 by Pedro Nueno – The Wanda Way

Preface 1

Most business schools have, among their objectives, the promotion of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are the best engines of a successful society. Through the formation of new companies they create lots of jobs, they increase the quality of life for many people, they pay taxes, and through all of this they contribute to a much better and fairer society.

We need to study entrepreneurs to learn how to do this well. Business schools write case studies and books on entrepreneurs and invite them to speak in an attempt to understand what makes an entrepreneur and to formalize and spread this knowledge to students.

There is no doubt that Mr. Wang Jianlin is an entrepreneur. He started work as a Public Office Administrator, then he moved to management, and ended up launching a start-up with a relatively small amount of money. This is the entrepreneurial career of somebody who learns every day, has honest ambition to progress, and works hard.

Entrepreneurs have the capability to identify an opportunity and transform this opportunity into business, but this requires commitment, capacity to take risks, and a professional way of moving from opportunity to start-up and then to a fast-growing company. When you look at entrepreneurs like Wang Jianlin you see that many of the opportunities he transformed into business were there and many other people passed by without really working on them. An entrepreneur has a special ability to detect potential, but also the capacity to follow up closely, fix mistakes quickly, and stick to a good business plan model.

The book on Wang Jianlin is an excellent contribution. Society needs good entrepreneurs all over the world. We must be grateful to Wang Jianlin for all that he has contributed to the world, creating jobs and enthusiasm and setting a good example. Now, through this book, we have better access to knowledge about how to become an entrepreneur. This is a very solid reason to thank Wang Jianlin.

Dr Pedro Nueno

President, Chengwei Ventures Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship,

CEIBS, China