Preface – Context-Aware Computing


Ambient Intelligence is a vision of future Information Society, where people are surrounded by an electronic environment that is sensitive to their needs, personalized to their requirements, anticipatory of their behavior, and responsive to their presence. It emphasizes on greater user-friendliness, user-empowerment, and more effective service support, with an aim to make people’s daily activities more convenient, thus improving the quality of human life. To make Ambient Intelligence real, effective data management support is indispensable. High-quality information must be available to any user, anytime and anywhere on any lightweight device. Beyond that, Ambient Intelligence also raises many new challenges related to context-awareness and natural user interaction, entailing us to rethink current data management technologies.

The objective of this book is to tackle the impact of Ambient Intelligence, particularly its user-centric context-awareness requirement on data management strategies and solutions. Techniques of conceptualizing, capturing, protecting, modeling, and querying context information, as well as using diverse user and environment centric context information in building context-aware data management applications are discussed.

The book is valuable for the computer professional who wishes to gain an understanding of advanced context-aware computing techniques in the Ambient Intelligent era.

It is our hope that the book could stimulate an interest in context-aware data management research by combining the manifold areas of context-awareness and data management in the solid belief that a wide spectrum of relevant problems could be derived and addressed.

Ling Feng

Beijing China, 2017