Preface – Engineering Mathematics, Volume III


We are pleased to present this book, Engineering Mathematics – III to the second year B. Tech. students of Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Universities (JNTU). The book has been written in accordance with the latest syllabi of JNTU, effective from September 2009. The topics have been dealt with in a style that is lucid and easy to understand, supported by illustrations that enable the student to assimilate the concepts effortlessly.

Each chapter is replete with exercises to help the student gain a deep insight into the subject. The nuances of the subject have been brought out through more than 300 well-chosen worked-out examples interspersed across the book at the end of each discussion. These examples enable the student to understand the fundamentals and principles governing each topic.

The book has a question bank, with over 250 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The question bank also includes Fill in the Blanks, Match the Following and True or False statements, the study of which shall boost the confidence of the student to face the term-end examinations with ease. Further, a collection of fully solved question papers has been included at the end of the book to serve as a storehouse of exam-specific problems.

Suggestions for the improvement of the book are welcome and will be gratefully acknowledged.