Preface – Essentials of Molecular Biology


Essentials of Molecular Biology is an attempt to unravel and experience the beauty of the wonderful subject molecular biology. It has been designed in a very simple way, so that students can appreciate and understand the molecular logic of life. The book covers the fundamentals of molecular biology as well as focuses on the current developments in the field.

Chapter 1 introduces the basic chemistry of nucleic acids and describes their importance and properties. Understanding the basics of nucleic acids will enable the students to better comprehend various molecular processes of the cell.

Chapter 2 explains how the complex array of information is compacted into a few-nanometre-sized chromosome.

Chapters 36 explain the basic molecular events that keep the cell alive, which are replication, transcription, translation and protein sorting.

Chapter 7 describes the significance of regulating the molecular processes from prokaryotes to eukaryotes.

Chapter 8 reveals that the integrity of the precise sequence of nucleic acids is extremely important for the sustenance of the cell. This chapter focuses on the effects of mutations that can occur in the DNA and the various repair mechanisms that operate in the cell that restore the natural integrity of the cell.

Chapter 9 focuses on the molecular tools that help to design desired characters and manipulate the genetic information for the benefit of humankind.

Chapter 10 introduces a new, upcoming field called epigenetics. Epigenetics explains the ability of different states of the DNA, which may have different phenotypic consequences.

Chapter 11 introduces the basics of bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics. The chapter focuses on some of the basic biological computational tools and databases.

Chapter 12 explains some of the common laboratory molecular biological techniques in the simple possible manner. Students will gain an insight into the basic techniques available for molecular biological research.

In order to test the understanding of the concepts explained, the chapters are supplemented with review questions and objective questions.

The impact of molecular biology on advances in medicine, agriculture, environmental sciences and a variety of other fields has profound implications for our future.

Essentials of Molecular Biology is my humble attempt to increase further the understanding of students about this beautiful branch of biology.


V. Malathi