Preface – Testing Vue.js Components with Jest



This section briefly introduces the author and what this book covers.

About the Book

Unit testing in modern component-based JavaScript frameworks is not straightforward. You need a test suite that is reliable and runs quickly. Components are connected to one another, and the browser adds a layer of UI, which makes everything inter-dependent while we test components in isolation. Jest is a fully-featured JavaScript testing framework that will do all your work for you.

This book shows you how to test Vue.js components easily and take advantage of the fully-featured Jest testing framework with the aid of practical examples. You'll learn the different testing styles and their structures. You'll also explore how your Vue.js components respond to various tests. You'll see how to apply techniques such as snapshot testing, shallow rendering, module dependency mocking, and module aliasing to make your tests smooth and clean.

By the end of this book, you'll know all about testing your components by utilizing the features of Jest.

About the Authors

Alex Jover Morales is a Vue.js core team partner. He co-organizes Alicante Frontend and Vue Day. He is an instructor at Alligatorio and is interested in web performance, PWA, code quality, and the human side of code.

Learning Objectives

  • Set up a Vue-test project to get started with Jest
  • Unit test your components using techniques such as shallow rendering
  • Gain insights into how to test the reactive parts in the logic of the Vue.js components
  • Explore how to test deeply rendered Vue.js components
  • Perform easy and quick tests with module dependency mocking, module aliasing, and more
  • Know-how and when to use snapshot testing


If you are a programmer looking to make your development process smooth and bug-free, this is an ideal book for you. Some prior knowledge and experience of JavaScript will help you quickly and easily grasp the concepts explained in this book.


This book uses easy-to-understand language to explain the various concepts of testing. With a perfect blend of theory and practice, it shows you how to test Vue.js components easily by utilizing the various features of Jest.