Preface – The Quick Python Book


I’ve been coding in Python for a number of years, longer than any other language I’ve ever used. I use Python for system administration, for web applications, for database management, and sometimes just to help myself think clearly.

To be honest, I’m sometimes a little surprised that Python has worn so well. Based on my earlier experience, I would have expected that by now some other language would have come along that was faster, cooler, sexier, whatever. Indeed, other languages have come along, but none that helped me do what I needed to do quite as effectively as Python. In fact, the more I use Python and the more I understand it, the more I feel the quality of my programming improve and mature.

This is a second edition, and my mantra in updating has been, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Much of the content has been freshened for Python 3 but is largely as written in the first edition. Of course, the world of Python has changed since Python 1.5, so in several places I’ve had to make significant changes or add new material. On those occasions I’ve done my best to make the new material compatible with the clear and low-key style of the original.

For me, the aim of this book is to share the positive experiences I’ve gotten from coding in Python by introducing people to Python 3, the latest and, in my opinion, the best version of Python to date. May your journey be as satisfying as mine has been.