Preface to the Second Edition – Industrial Relations, Trade Unions, and Labour Legislation, 2nd Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

We are happy to finally present a revised and enlarged edition of our book Industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Labour Legislation. Much of the credit for the completion of this edition goes to our publishers, who have been giving us regular feedback on the additional requirements of students and teachers of HRM, MBA, PMIR, BBA and other allied courses.

Some of the distinctive features of the present edition are as follows:

  1. Incorporation of up-to-date data and information from authentic sources
  2. Insertion of a separate chapter on labour policy in five-year plans
  3. Inclusion of detailed sections, in appropriate chapters, on
    1. Theories of labour movement
    2. Composition of Indian labour force
    3. Measures for strengthening trade union movement in India
    4. Approaches to industrial relations and selected industrial relation models
    5. Employers’ federations in India
    6. Theories of collective bargaining
    7. Productivity bargaining
    8. Grievances and grievance procedures
    9. Discipline in industry and disciplinary procedure.

In chapters related to labour laws, apart from incorporating latest amendments, we have cited important court decisions to facilitate understanding of the implications of the provisions of law. We have also supplemented many relevant topics relating to industrial and employee relations by practices in reputed organizations.

Other features of the new edition include:

  1. Insertion of chapter objectives and opening vignettes at the beginning of each chapter
  2. Provision of margins for explaining key terms and points
  3. Insertion of boxes to highlight relevant information
  4. Inclusion of summaries and case studies with sufficient number of questions at the end of each chapter with a view to promoting adequate understanding and analytical thinking
  5. Incorporation of charts, graphs and diagrams for facilitating quick grasp of the issues.

We would like to acknowledge the cooperation and help we received from a few organizations and individuals. The managements of Tata Motors Ltd, TISCO and TRF Ltd, Jamshedpur; and Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Powai Works, Mumbai, were kind enough to give us access to their standing orders, and collective agreements or settlements. The office-bearers of Telco Workers’ Union and Tata Workers’ Union also made available useful information and literature on a number of topics. We are truly indebted to all of them.

Sanjeev Sinha, Associate Professor, NIT, Patna; and Sameer Sinha, Area Chief Manager, ACC extended help in formatting tables, charts, graphs and boxes. Dinesh Singh, Deputy Librarian, Patna University, extended willing assistance in locating scarce publications and checking of references. Shatakshi, Gargi, Shivangi and Sanya helped us with the Internet and in typing. Ishank, Pratyush, Shubhakshi, Sanvi and Suryesh also assisted us in one way or another. We express our sincere thanks to all of them.

We are confident that the present edition will prove useful to the students and teachers of HRM, MBA, PMIR, BBA, LSW and allied courses, and that they will adopt it as their textbook. We also hope that the materials in the book will benefit the functionaries of HR and personnel departments of industrial and other organizations.


P. R. N. Sinha
Indu Bala Sinha
Seema Priyadarshini Shekhar