Preface to the Seventh Edition – Food and Drink – Good Manufacturing Practice, 7th Edition

Preface to the Seventh Edition

The 6th edition built on previous editions and provided additional content in the area of food safety management systems and quality management systems, their design, validation, implementation and verification. Consideration of what good manufacturing practice (GMP) is, and evolves to be, has led to the need for a number of new chapters in this 7th edition. The melamine incident in China, fipronil in eggs and the horsemeat incident 2013 in Europe has caused food manufacturing organisations, the food supply chain and those involved in wider food policy development and implementation to consider issues around food integrity, food crime and general malpractice in the food chain and how protocols to mitigate risk need to be included within GMP. The rapid development in testing programmes to demonstrate the provenance of food materials and food products means that manufacturers can now more easily verify labelling information and the claims they make on their products. As a result, the 7th edition focuses on the growing interest in food integrity management systems and how manufacturers need to demonstrate they have done everything reasonable to ensure the integrity of their products, the processes they employ, the data and information they often rely upon, and the people who undertake the tasks critical to ensuring food safety, legality and quality.

Louise Manning
7th Edition