PRESENTATION – Defying doom


What lies ahead for large “originally Western” corporations with a successful history? Will they become the next Kodak or Sears and disappear? Or will they be able to turn around and defy death as IBM, led by Lou Gerstner, did in 1993 and Apple, led by Steve Jobs, did in 1997?

“Defying Doom — Leading Urgent Large-Scale Transformations” is a call to action. If you need to know what it takes to break through to a new layer of oxygen in an organization that has been flying high in the past, you will find this both an inspiring and practical approach. Nothing will swoop down to remove your challenges, but this framework carves a clear path towards transforming an organization, as opposed to sinking into decline.

Figure P.1 The framework is grouped around three simple steps:

First, addressing the question “What’s the Story?” The Story combines the creation of a sense of Urgency with the Vision of a brighter future.

Second, making sure people are aligned: a strong and committed leader who is willing and able to face the challenge; a Top Team that is fully aligned; and a workforce in which every single person is pulling in the right direction.

Third, effecting coherent and consistent Execution. The pursuit and practice of strategic agility will ensure that the job gets done, not by magic, but by tenacity, boldness and flexibility.

Defying Doom framework