Prominent Guidelines on Corporate Governance – Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Prominent Guidelines on Corporate Governance

AFL-CIO Guidelines    American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organistions, Investing Our Future: AFL-CIO Proxy Voting Guidelines (1997).

ALI Principles    American Law Institute, Principles of Corporate Governance: Analysis and Recommendations (1994).

Bosch Report    Working Party of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and others, Corporate Practices and Conduct (3rd edition, 1995).

Cadbury Code    Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance (Sir Adrian Cadbury, Chairman): Code of Best Practice (1992).

Cadbury Report    Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance (Sir Adrian Cadbury, Chairman), ‘The Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance’, (1992).

CalPERS Guidelines    California Public Employees’ Retirement System, US Corporate Governance Core Principles and Guidelines (1998).

CISCO    Guide The City Group for Smaller Companies, The Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance: Guidance for Smaller Companies.

Council of Institutional Investors’ Policies    Council of Institutional Investors, Corporate Governance Policies.

Hong Kong Code    The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Guide for Directors of Listed Companies, Code of Best Practice (1995).

Hong Kong    China Society of Accountants 1995, Report of the Working Group on Corporate Governance; 1997-Second Report of the Corporate Governance Working Group.

IFSA Guidelines    Investment and Financial Services Association, Corporate Governance: Guide for Investment Management and Corporations (1999).

Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance

Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK)    Code of Best Practice for Listed Companies of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, China (1996).

Toronto Guidelines    Toronto Stock Exchange, The Toronto Stock Exchange Company Manual.

Toronto Report    Toronto Stock Exchange Committee on Corporate Governance in Canada, Where Were Directors? Guidelines for Improved Corporate Governance in Canada.

UK Combined Code    Financial Services Authority, The Listing Rules, and Combined code.

US Business Roundtable Report    Business Roundtable, Corporate Governance and American Competitiveness.