Put Notes and Sticky Notes on Top – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 30Put Notes and Sticky Notes on Top

The Notes application in OS X Mountain Lion is very useful, but did you know that you can double-click a note in the list on the left to have it pop out in a window of its own? Not only that, but if you click WindowFloat on Top, then all other program windows will appear beneath it so that it’s always visible. This can be useful if you’re copying and pasting from a number of browser windows into the note, for example. The note will stick around even if you close the main Notes program window (which you can make appear again by clicking WindowNotes or hitting Command+0).

To switch it back to being a normal note, just close it in the usual way or again click WindowFloat on Top.

If you prefer to use OS X’s other note-taking app, Stickies, just select any note and click NoteFloating Window. That particular note will then be “always on top,” as discussed earlier.

To switch the note back to acting like a standard sticky, which is to say other program windows cover it up, repeat the steps and remove the check from Floating Window on the Note menu.