Quickly Navigate Launchpad – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 22Quickly Navigate Launchpad

By clicking the little dots representing each page at the bottom of the Launchpad icon listing, you can instantly jump to that particular page, avoiding the need to scroll through each page before it.

If you want to navigate through Launchpad pages using the keyboard, hold down Command, and tap the Left/Right cursor keys.

You can move the highlight from icon to icon using the cursor keys on their own (hit Return to run an app), and hitting Command+Down will expand any folder you have highlighted (although hitting Return will also expand folders but not close them again if repeated afterward).

Clicking the dots at the bottom of the screen works in Safari’s Show All Tabs view too (Shift+Command+\ or pinch with two fingers on a trackpad)—just click the small dots at the bottom of the pages display to instantly switch to whichever page you want.