Quickly Rename a File – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 273Quickly Rename a File

There’s a couple of cool ways to quickly rename files, as follows:

  • To quickly rename a file or folder, select it in Finder or on the desktop, and then hit Return. Unlike with Windows computers, this won’t open the file but will highlight the filename so you can type over it with something else. If you change your mind and want to leave the name as it is, just hit Esc. If you want to rename the entire file including its file extension, simply hit Command+A to select the entire filename after hitting Return.

  • You can rename a file as you’re editing it, although only in compatible apps (which include most of OS X’s built-in apps). To do so, click the filename in the title bar, and then select Rename from the menu that appears. Then type the new filename in the highlighted text field.