Reflections: In the End, It’s You Versus You – Ruthless Consistency: How Committed Leaders Execute Strategy, Implement Change, and Build Organizations That Win


In the End, It’s You Versus You

To be a champion, compete. To be a great champion, compete with the best. But to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself.

—Matshona Dhliwayo

IF YOU WANT TO PLAY the odds, bet on failure. If you want to beat the odds, be ruthlessly consistent. Develop and sustain the right focus. Create and keep creating the right environment. Build and keep building the right team.

You can’t dabble and expect to win. What matters more than anything you do is everything you do. Once you’re clear on why your organization must change, what you intend to achieve, and how you intend to achieve it, make certain that every decision and every action is painstakingly aligned with your intentions.

What you do is not as important as what your people experience. It’s not about you; it’s through you. Align their hearts and minds with winning. Equip them, and enable them to succeed. Coach them; don’t just manage them. Design your organization to support them, and always value them as individuals, as human beings.

What drives all of this is the consistency of your commitment. Either elevate your commitment to what is required to win, or redefine winning to match your commitment. One or the other.

There will be many challenges—obstacles, setbacks, and frustrations—but they won’t determine your success. Because in the end, it’s not you versus those challenges. It’s you versus you.