Right-Click to Share Anything – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 18Right-Click to Share Anything

OS X Mountain Lion features Share Sheets, which are buttons at the top of certain program windows (including Finder) that allow you to instantly share things via Twitter, email, Facebook, and Messages or to AirDrop what you’re viewing or working on (provided accounts for these services are set up within the Mail, Contacts & Calendars component of System Preferences, of course).

However, you can also right-click just about anything to share it in this way—right-click an image file on the desktop, for example, and you can select the Share option on the menu to instantly tweet or post it to your Facebook wall. This works in Finder windows too, where you can share any file via email, AirDrop, and Messages. Highlight some text (and/or images) within TextEdit before right-clicking it, and the same Share option will appear on the menu, allowing you to send just the highlighted text to your Twitter or Facebook accounts (if they Send button is grayed out and you’re attempting to tweet something in this way, it might be because you’ve exceeded the 140-character limit!).