Save Text Snippets – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 155Save Text Snippets

Here’s a neat trick for those who work with words on their Macs.

Creating a Clipping

If you highlight text in an application and click and drag it to a folder or to the desktop, the text is turned into a file. These are called text clippings, and they will take their filename from the first few words of the excerpt. If there’s any formatting applied to the text, it will be saved too. This is an excellent way of filing away anything you’ve had to edit out of a document but want to keep for other purposes.

Viewing and Inserting Clippings into Documents

To view the contents of the clipping, just double-click it or select it and hit Space to bring up Quick Look. Note that you won’t be able to edit the file. However, to reinsert the text into a document, just click and drag the clippings file on top of the program window after positioning the cursor where you’d like it to be inserted.

Once used this way, the text clippings file won’t be deleted, so you can use it again in other documents.