Series Preface – Military Avionics Systems

Series Preface

The field of aerospace is wide ranging and covers a variety of products, disciplines and domains, not merely in engineering but in many related supporting activities. These combine to enable the aerospace industry to produce exciting and technologically challenging products. A wealth of knowledge is contained by practitioners and professionals in the aerospace fields that is of benefit to other practitioners in the industry, and to those entering the industry from University.

The Aerospace Series aims to be a practical and topical series of books aimed at engineering professionals, operators, users and allied professions such as commercial and legal executives in the aerospace industry. The range of topics spans design and development, manufacture, operation and support of aircraft as well as infrastructure operations, and developments in research and technology. The intention is to provide a source of relevant information that will be of interest and benefit to all those people working in aerospace.

Ian Moir and Allan Seabridge