Setting Up the Project – RubyMotion

Setting Up the Project

Create our RubyMotion project with motion create Colr. To keep our project organized, add the following files and their directories:

  • ./app/controllers/search_controller.rb
  • ./app/controllers/color_controller.rb
  • ./app/models/color.rb
  • ./app/models/tag.rb

It already feels like a big fancy app, doesn’t it? Now we need to add BubbleWrap to our project. Earlier we used BubbleWrap to clean up key-value observing, but it also includes pleasant wrappers for HTTP requests. Refer to Changing Models with Key-Value Observing for detailed instructions, but essentially what we do is install the bubble-wrap gem and require it in our Rakefile.

Now that we have the pieces in place, it’s time to start writing some code.