Share via Twitter or Facebook with a Keystroke – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 92Share via Twitter or Facebook with a Keystroke

In apps that have Share Sheet buttons, you can opt to tweet or send to Facebook whatever interests you (see Tip 18, Right-Click to Share Anything). Perhaps surprisingly, there’s no keyboard shortcut setup for this purpose.

Adding Shortcuts

However, you can add your own keyboard shortcuts easily, as follows:

  1. Open System Preferences (Apple menuSystem Preferences), and then click the Keyboard icon.

  2. Click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab and then, in the list on the left of the window, select Application Shortcuts (this might be truncated to “Application Shor...”).

  3. Click the plus button beneath the list on the right. In the dialog box that appears, ensure All Applications is visible in the Application drop-down list.

  4. In the Menu Title field, type either Twitter or Facebook, ensuring that you type them exactly as printed here.

  5. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut box, and then type the actual keyboard shortcut you’d like to use to activate Twitter or Facebook. Because different apps have used up nearly all the obvious keyboard shortcut combinations, it’s best if you use all three modifier keys (Control, Option, and Command) plus either T for Twitter or F for Facebook. So, for a Twitter shortcut, you would press Control+Option+Command+T. For Facebook, you’d press Control+Option+Command+F.

  6. You can create other shortcuts for options on the Share Sheet menus. If you have a Flickr account set up on your system, for example, you could follow the earlier steps, and in the Menu Title field, type Flickr. You must type the exact text that appears for the option when you click the Share Sheet button, including taking note of capitalization (or lack of).

Once the shortcuts are created, you can close System Preferences and then test them in any application that supports sharing in this way—try opening an image in Preview and then hitting Control+Option+Command+T to tweet it to the world!

Note that if you have any bookmarks within Safari that are called “Facebook” or “Twitter,” you’ll need to rename them, or the keyboard shortcuts you’ve created will apply to them too.

Removing Keyboard Shortcuts

To remove the shortcuts you created, repeat the earlier steps so the keyboard shortcuts are listed in System Preferences. Then select the new shortcut in the list and click the minus button beneath the list.