Shrink PDF Files – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 153Shrink PDF Files

All applications capable of editing documents or pictures on a Mac can output files as PDFs. To do so, just click FilePrint on the menu of the application, and click the PDF drop-down at the bottom left. Then select Save as PDF, and enter a filename as usual (be sure to add a pdf file extension if you want the file to be read on computers other than Macs).

However, PDFs created by Macs tend to be large. The solution is simple: repeat the previous steps to output a PDF, but choose the Open PDF in Preview option from the PDF drop-down list. Then, when the Preview window appears, click FileExport. In the Save As dialog box, click Reduce File Size in the Quartz Filter drop-down list.

Note that shrinking PDFs in this way will also reduce the quality of the images slightly.

This technique can also be used to shrink large PDF files you might have received by email. Just open then in Preview, export them, and choose the Shrink option. However, if the PDF contains sophisticated functions such as security features, it may lose these functions in the shrinking procedure.