Subscribe to Useful Calendars – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 96Subscribe to Useful Calendars

Sites like provide links to calendars that you can subscribe to (that is, incorporate) within the Calendar app. These are known as iCal subscriptions.

The available calendars list events such as public holidays for particular countries, or the timetable of particular sporting events, and are usually updated by enthusiasts so you can easily keep up-to-date in a hassle-free way (the calendars aren’t actually stored on your computer). Indeed, there are hundreds of calendars for just about any need—from listing the fictional birthdays of computer game characters to pointing out the phases of the moon.

All you need to do is click the link for the calendar on the site, and the Calendar app will ask if you want to subscribe to it. Just click the Subscribe button in the dialog box that appears.

Removing a calendar (that is, unsubscribing) is as easy as starting Calendar, clicking the Calendar button at the top left so the list of calendar subscriptions is visible, right-clicking the one you no longer want, and selecting Delete from the menu that appears.

Note that you can even create your own calendars to share with others—see Tip 65, Share Reminders and Calendars.