Table of Contents – Practical Open Source Software for Libraries

Table of Contents

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Part 1: Introduction to Open Source

Chapter 1: What is open source?

Scratching an itch

Freedom for all

The costs of open source

Prevalence of open source


Chapter 2: Community and open source

Working for open source

Working together

Governing in open source

Health of the community

Chapter 3: Debunking the myths

Homegrown is not open source

How can it be any good if it’s free?

Security and open source

Not worth the risk

Chapter 4: Open source and libraries

Library budgets

Gift cultures

Thinking ahead

Part 2: Practical Applications for Libraries

Chapter 5: Open source for day to day operations

Operating system

Virtual machines

Office suite

Statistics and data gathering

Improving day to day services

Chapter 6: Open source web access

Open source web browsing

Expanding Firefox

A new browsing experience

Open source emailing

Instant messaging

A web of options

Chapter 7: Open source media applications

Photo editing

Desktop publishing

Audio editing



Chapter 8: Open source on the web

Getting files onto the web

Content management

Consulting with colleagues



Chapter 9: Open sourcing collections

Digital collections

Institutional repositories

Community built collections

Baskets of knowledge

Chapter 10: Open source research tools

Subject guides

Additional research tools

Online course management

Teaching our patrons

Chapter 11: Open source library automation

Open source faces

Open source it all

Taking the leap


Appendix 1: Survey results

Appendix 2: Web links

Appendix 3: Additional references