Table of Contents – Qualitative Research and the Modern Library

Table of Contents

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Title page



List of figures and tables


Author biography


Chapter 1: A brief overview of qualitative research


A description of qualitative research

Gathering the data

A little bit about grounded theory

A little bit about analyzing the data

Challenges to working with qualitative data

Chapter 2: Examples of qualitative research in non-library settings


Becoming a student: research in an academic environment

A.C. Nielsen Company as an example of rich media research

Qualitative research in nursing

Qualitative research in medicine and mental health disciplines

Chapter 3: Ethnographic research practices in library settings


Key concepts of ethnographic research

Historical application within libraries and information settings

Examples of recent ethnographic research in library environments

Chapter 4: Eyes wide open: using trends, professional literature, and users to create a research canvas in libraries


Generational differences and the digital landscape

The state of the research and academic library

Understanding the role of technology through research

The matrix: a tool for the beginning

Chapter 5: Inside the mind of the user: qualitative approaches to understanding user experience in library settings


The self and user experience

Design, broken-ness, and the library user experience on UX research

Flow as an element of the user experience

Chapter 6: Narrowing the field: using qualitative approaches to explore specific areas of interest


The library is still scary—a new look at reference by way of an old concept

Still with us: the library website (The Rutgers Study)

Disruption and the information seeker

Chapter 7: What about us? Using qualitative methods to explore the library as workplace


Chapter 8: A place in the world: qualitative research as a way to study global libraries


Why use a qualitative approach?

The role of the rural village library

Elements of the project’s methods

What the content analysis revealed

Chapter 9: Learning more about qualitative research


Chapter 10: Qualitative research as a way to explore change in the modern world