Take Better Snapshots – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 250Take Better Snapshots

Here are a few quick tips to better control Photo Booth, the Mac application that uses the iSight or FaceTime HD camera to take pictures of users.

Stopping the Flash

When using Photo Booth, the Mac’s screen flashes white to illuminate the subject an instant before the picture is taken.

Sometimes, however, you might simply want to make use of ambient light. To avoid the firing the flash, just hold down Shift when clicking the camera button. There’s no need to keep holding it down while the photo is taken.

Turning Off the Countdown

To avoid a countdown before the photo is taken (that is, to take a snapshot as soon as you click), hold down Option before clicking the snapshot button. You can combine this with Shift to prevent the flash from firing.

Using a Photo for Twitter

If you take a particularly good snapshot, you can click the Share Sheet button at the bottom right of the window to automatically replace your Twitter profile photo with it. You can also select to use the photo as your Buddy image within Messages and also to replace your login photo on OS X.