The Analyze – Assess – Adapt Model – Surviving the Techstorm


Based on my experience and background as an entrepreneur and early stage investor, I realized that all major strategic decisions, whether a strategic move in one of my existing companies or an investment decision in a new venture, are based on a number of factors. These are, first, an understanding of well known megatrends (in this case technology); second, the notion that these trends will change the way a company or industry works; and third, the company’s ability to adapt to this volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

With a basic understanding of OODA, action learning and the lean startup models, it is possible to adjust and apply them to the strategic impact of technologies. When trying to understand what is happening in the field of new technologies, it is absolutely necessary to adopt a number of different perspectives before you reach a conclusion.

For this, it is valuable to follow a process that starts with a collection and analysis of information and then turns to an assessment of business implications, before finally arriving at a plan on how to adapt in this new uncertain environment.

The following chapters will present a step-by-step approach to the techstorm, with the goal of identifying and acting on challenges, but most of all opportunities, arising from emerging technologies in an environment filled with uncertainty.