Use Safari While Booted to the Recovery System – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 386Use Safari While Booted to the Recovery System

Hold down Command+R before the Apple logo appears during booting, and you’ll boot to the recovery system. Here you can perform disk checks, restore the system via Time Machine, and even reinstall OS X. See Tip 322, Make Use of Boot-Time Options.

You can also unofficially launch apps that are installed within the main OS X installation. It isn’t intuitive to do so, but you might want to launch Safari to be able to research a problem you’re having.

While booted to the recovery system, click UtilitiesTerminal, and then type the following:


Once you’ve finished, hit Command+Q twice to quit Safari as well as the Terminal window that launched it. This will return you to the main recovery options dialog box. To restart the computer, click the Apple menu, and then select the Restart option.