View Two Weeks of Appointments – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 268View Two Weeks of Appointments

The Calendar app has four view modes by which you can view forthcoming appointments: Day, Week, Month, and Year. You can switch between them by clicking the tabs in the middle of the Calendar program window.

Here’s a quick hack to switch the Week view to showing two weeks (or more), which is useful if your working life is arranged around two-week periods or if you’d just like to see a little further into the future.

  1. Quit Calendar if it’s open, open a Terminal window (open Finder, select the Applications list, and then in the list of applications double-click Terminal within the Utilities folder), and type the following:

    defaults write CalUIDebugDefaultDaysInWeekView -int 14
  2. Restart Calendar, and you should find that Week view now shows two weeks of appointments. In fact, you can alter the command to make Calendar show any number of days in Week view—just change 14 at the end of the line to, say, 21 for a three-week view (although bear in mind that this will require quite a wide screen in order to fit in the entire Calendar window!).

To revert to showing only one week in Week view, again close Calendar; then open a Terminal window, and type the following:

defaults delete CalUIDebugDefaultDaysInWeekView

Restart Calendar, switch to anything other than Week view (i.e., Day or Month view), and then switch back to Week view. You should now find that the display shows only seven days per week, as before.