What Is a Rainmaker? – The Rainmaker

What Is a Rainmaker?

Over centuries, the classical definition has evolved to refer to someone who can call on nature and all its elements, to serve a greater good, as A Rainmaker. Originally, the meaning was more simplistic, and a rainmaker was someone who could call on the rain gods to quench the thirst of drought-stricken areas, but it then evolved to refer to a person who could call on gods to resolve any problem, no matter how complex or seemingly impossible.

In modern economic history, this definition migrated to financial markets to refer to a rainmaker as a master of manifestation—someone who could identify problems and bring solutions. At first, it strictly referred to bringing finance to cash-strapped organizations but more recently to resolving complex problems that could bring financial ruin to companies. Some experts refer to this as making it rain money!

I believe that the original cosmic definition should prevail, even if used in the context of financial markets. So when someone uses powers of deduction and logic to make it rain money or success in any form, and when that power to create is used with integrity and honesty, then everyone must benefit. In fact, the opposite is also true. When this ability and skill is used for selfish or personal gains only, everyone ultimately suffers.

Rainmakers thus bring back to life companies that have temporarily faulted, cannot raise capital, or seem to be staggering toward financial oblivion. They do this by working with what the current situation is compared to what it should be. For instance, if a factory has made 1,000 gadgets, but it should have made 2,000 gadgets, then the question starts with Why. Entrepreneurs who adopt the same philosophical stance will find that they are more focused and, in turn, so too are their companies.