Why can’t a spaceship travel faster than light? 220 (1/9) – Science Mysteries Explained

Beyond the sky, the universe lies waiting for us. Cosmology is
helping us take the first step ….
Less than a century ago, humans learned that the universe
was much, much bigger than wed ever suspected. Those
lights in the sky weren’t just other suns—some are even other
galaxies made up of billions of stars in their own right.
We are tiny, an invisible speck in an invisible speck. There is
more to nature than we can ever hope to explore. But we’re
still going to give it a red hot go!
Cosmology helps us understand our place in the universe.
With powerful telescopes, we can search for other worlds.
We can examine nearby planets, looking for clues to the
origin and perhaps the ultimate fate of the Earth.
Most of all, we seek other life with which to share our stories
and experiences. Will we find it anytime soon? Only the
astronomers and cosmologists can answer that for sure ….