Why is frozen carbon dioxide called “dry ice”? 154 – Science Mysteries Explained

Everything we do, every move we make, is only possible
because of chemistry ….
Chemists have a saying: what in the world isn’t chemistry? In
a universe made of atoms and molecules, nothing happens
without some kind of chemical interaction being involved.
From starting a fire to simply lifting your arm, chemistry
makes it happen. The way atoms join up into molecules and
then move energy between other molecules is what makes
life possible.
Chemistry cooks our food, smelts our steel, grows our crops,
and propels our cars down the road—which was also built
thanks to chemistry.
Chemistry brought us into the world, and chemistry will
take us out of it, too, strapped to enormous rockets. With
command of chemistry, we can conquer the galaxy.
It also helps us understand the risks and challenges that will
face us in the centuries ahead. Climate change, pollution,
cancer, obesity, and more are all, in some way, problems of