WHY YOU NEED THIS BOOK – All Time Essentials for Entrepreneurs: 100 Things to Know and Do to Make Your Idea Happen


You bought this book because you have an idea, a great idea that you would like to progress. What you need now is a condensed rundown of everything you need to know and do in order to make that idea happen and to be able to act on it quickly.

As you progress your idea - developing the opportunity you have spotted - you can turn to the hints and tips in this book to help drive you on. A bit like a mentor you can call on whenever you need to, this book will inspire you during the difficult times and help plan your next step when things are going well.

During my own start - up experiences I made many simple mistakes. I also learnt a great deal along the way. I've taken what I learnt as well as looking at what entrepreneurs and inspired thinkers of the past have said, and put together this collection of essential advice that every entrepreneur should know as they start out.

By reading this book as you put your idea into practice, you will avoid making some of the mistakes that entrepreneurs before you have fallen into, and be able to get your idea off and running with a real chance of success.