Wiley Series in Atmospheric Physics and Remote Sensing – Energy Balance Climate Models

Wiley Series in Atmospheric Physics and Remote Sensing

Series Editor: Alexander Kokhanovsky


Wendisch, M. / Brenguier, J.-L. (eds.)

Airborne Measurements for Environmental Research

Methods and Instruments



Coakley Jr., J. A. / Yang, P.

Atmospheric Radiation

A Primer with Illustrative Solutions



Stamnes, K. / Stamnes, J. J.

Radiative Transfer in Coupled Environmental Systems

An Introduction to Forward and Inverse Modeling



Tomasi, C. / Fuzzi, S. / Kokhanovsky, A.

Atmospheric Aerosols

Life Cycles and Effects on Air Quality and Climate



Weng, F.

Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth

for Meteorological Applications



North, G. R. / Kim, K.-Y.

Energy Balance Climate Models




Kokhanovsky, A. / Natraj, V.

Analytical Methods in Atmospheric Radiative Transfer


Huang, X. / Yang, P.

Radiative Transfer Processes in Weather and Climate Models


Davis, A. B. / Marshak, A.

Multi-dimensional Radiative Transfer

Theory, Observation, and Computation


Minnis, P. et al.

Satellite Remote Sensing of Clouds


Zhang, Z. et al.

Polarimetric Remote Sensing

Aerosols and Clouds