Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles – Functional Textiles for Improved Performance, Protection and Health

Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles

1. Watson’s textile design and colour Seventh edition

    Edited by Z. Grosicki

2. Watson’s advanced textile design

    Edited by Z. Grosicki

3. Weaving Second edition

    P. R. Lord and M. H. Mohamed

4. Handbook of textile fibres Vol 1: Natural fibres

    J. Gordon Cook

5. Handbook of textile fibres Vol 2: Man-made fibres

    J. Gordon Cook

6. Recycling textile and plastic waste

    Edited by A. R. Horrocks

7. New fibers Second edition

    T. Hongu and G. O. Phillips

8. Atlas of fibre fracture and damage to textiles Second edition

    J. W. S. Hearle, B. Lomas and W. D. Cooke

9. Ecotextile ‘98

    Edited by A. R. Horrocks

10. Physical testing of textiles

    B.P. Saville

11. Geometric symmetry in patterns and tilings

    C.E. Horne

12. Handbook of technical textiles

    Edited by A. R. Horrocks and S. C. Anand

13. Textiles in automotive engineering

    W. Fung and J. M. Hardcastle

14. Handbook of textile design

    J. Wilson

15. High-performance fibres

    Edited by J. W. S. Hearle

16. Knitting technology Third edition

    D.J. Spencer

17. Medical textiles

    Edited by S. C. Anand

18. Regenerated cellulose fibres

    Edited by C. Woodings

19. Silk, mohair, cashmere and other luxury fibres

    Edited by R. R. Franck

20. Smart fibres, fabrics and clothing

    Edited by X. M. Tao

21. Yarn texturing technology

    J. W. S. Hearle, L. Hollick and D. K. Wilson

22. Encyclopedia of textile finishing

    H-K. Rouette

23. Coated and laminated textiles

    W. Fung

24. Fancy yarns

    R. H. Gong and R. M. Wright

25. Wool: Science and technology

    Edited by W. S. Simpson and G. Crawshaw

26. Dictionary of textile finishing

    H-K. Rouette

27. Environmental impact of textiles

    K. Slater

28. Handbook of yarn production

    P. R. Lord

29. Textile processing with enzymes

    Edited by A. Cavaco-Paulo and G. Gübitz

30. The China and Hong Kong denim industry

    Y. Li, L. Yao and K. W. Yeung

31. The World Trade Organization and international denim trading

    Y. Li, Y. Shen, L. Yao and E. Newton

32. Chemical finishing of textilesM

    W. D. Schindler and P. J. Hauser

33. Clothing appearance and fit

    J. Fan, W. Yu and L. Hunter

34. Handbook of fibre rope technology

    H. A. McKenna, J. W. S. Hearle and N. O’Hear

35. Structure and mechanics of woven fabrics

    J. Hu

36. Synthetic fibres: nylon, polyester, acrylic, polyolefin

    Edited by J. E. McIntyre

37. Woollen and worsted woven fabric design

    E. G. Gilligan

38. Analytical electrochemistry in textiles

    P. Westbroek, G. Priniotakis and P. Kiekens

39. Bast and other plant fibres

    R. R. Franck

40. Chemical testing of textiles

    Edited by Q. Fan

41. Design and manufacture of textile composites

    Edited by A. C. Long

42. Effect of mechanical and physical properties on fabric hand

    Edited by Hassan M. Behery

43. New millennium fibers

    T. Hongu, M. Takigami and G. O. Phillips

44. Textiles for protection

    Edited by R. A. Scott

45. Textiles in sport

    Edited by R. Shishoo

46. Wearable electronics and photonics

    Edited by X. M. Tao

47. Biodegradable and sustainable fibres

    Edited by R. S. Blackburn

48. Medical textiles and biomaterials for healthcare

    Edited by S. C. Anand, M. Miraftab, S. Rajendran and J. F. Kennedy

49. Total colour management in textiles

    Edited by J. Xin

50. Recycling in textiles

    Edited by Y. Wang

51. Clothing biosensory engineering

    Y. Li and A. S. W. Wong

52. Biomechanical engineering of textiles and clothing

    Edited by Y. Li and D. X-Q. Dai

53. Digital printing of textiles

    Edited by H. Ujiie

54. Intelligent textiles and clothing

    Edited by H. R. Mattila

55. Innovation and technology of women’s intimate apparel

    W. Yu, J. Fan, S. C. Harlock and S. P. Ng

56. Thermal and moisture transport in fibrous materials

    Edited by N. Pan and P. Gibson

57. Geosynthetics in civil engineering

    Edited by R. W. Sarsby

58. Handbook of nonwovens

    Edited by S. Russell

59. Cotton: Science and technology

    Edited by S. Gordon and Y-L. Hsieh

60. Ecotextiles

    Edited by M. Miraftab and A. R. Horrocks

61. Composite forming technologies

    Edited by A. C. Long

62. Plasma technology for textiles

    Edited by R. Shishoo

63. Smart textiles for medicine and healthcare

    Edited by L. Van Langenhove

64. Sizing in clothing

    Edited by S. Ashdown

65. Shape memory polymers and textiles

    J. Hu

66. Environmental aspects of textile dyeing

    Edited by R. Christie

67. Nanofibers and nanotechnology in textiles

    Edited by P. Brown and K. Stevens

68. Physical properties of textile fibres Fourth edition

    W. E. Morton and J. W. S. Hearle

69. Advances in apparel production

    Edited by C. Fairhurst

70. Advances in fire retardant materials

    Edited by A. R. Horrocks and D. Price

71. Polyesters and polyamides

    Edited by B. L. Deopura, R. Alagirusamy, M. Joshi and B. S. Gupta

72. Advances in wool technology

    Edited by N. A. G. Johnson and I. Russell

73. Military textiles

    Edited by E. Wilusz

74. 3D fibrous assemblies: Properties, applications and modelling of three-dimensional textile structures

    J. Hu

75. Medical and healthcare textiles

    Edited by S. C. Anand, J. F. Kennedy, M. Miraftab and S. Rajendran

76. Fabric testing

    Edited by J. Hu

77. Biologically inspired textiles

    Edited by A. Abbott and M. Ellison

78. Friction in textile materials

    Edited by B. S. Gupta

79. Textile advances in the automotive industry

    Edited by R. Shishoo

80. Structure and mechanics of textile fibre assemblies

    Edited by P. Schwartz

81. Engineering textiles: Integrating the design and manufacture of textile products

    Edited by Y. E. El-Mogahzy

82. Polyolefin fibres: Industrial and medical applications

    Edited by S. C. O. Ugbolue

83. Smart clothes and wearable technology

    Edited by J. McCann and D. Bryson

84. Identification of textile fibres

    Edited by M. Houck

85. Advanced textiles for wound care

    Edited by S. Rajendran

86. Fatigue failure of textile fibres

    Edited by M. Miraftab

87. Advances in carpet technology

    Edited by K. Goswami

88. Handbook of textile fibre structure Volume 1 and Volume 2

    Edited by S. J. Eichhorn, J. W. S. Hearle, M. Jaffe and T. Kikutani

89. Advances in knitting technology

    Edited by K-F. Au

90. Smart textile coatings and laminates

    Edited by W. C. Smith

91. Handbook of tensile properties of textile and technical fibres

    Edited by A. R. Bunsell

92. Interior textiles: Design and developments

    Edited by T. Rowe

93. Textiles for cold weather apparel

    Edited by J. T. Williams

94. Modelling and predicting textile behaviour

    Edited by X. Chen

95. Textiles, polymers and composites for buildings

    Edited by G. Pohl

96. Engineering apparel fabrics and garments

    J. Fan and L. Hunter

97. Surface modification of textiles

    Edited by Q. Wei

98. Sustainable textiles

    Edited by R. S. Blackburn

99. Advances in yarn spinning technology

    Edited by C. A. Lawrence

100. Handbook of medical textiles

    Edited by V. T. Bartels

101. Technical textile yarns

    Edited by R. Alagirusamy and A. Das

102. Applications of nonwovens in technical textiles

    Edited by R. A. Chapman

103. Colour measurement: Principles, advances and industrial applications

    Edited by M. L. Gulrajani

104. Fibrous and composite materials for civil engineering applications

    Edited by R. Fangueiro

105. New product development in textiles

    Edited by B. Mills

106. Improving comfort in clothing

    Edited by G. Song

107. Advances in textile biotechnology

    Edited by V. A. Nierstrasz and A. Cavaco-Paulo

108. Textiles for hygiene and infection control

    Edited by B. McCarthy

109. Nanofunctional textiles

    Edited by Y. Li

110. Joining textiles: principles and applications

    Edited by I. Jones and G. Stylios

111. Soft computing in textile engineering

    Edited by A. Majumdar

112. Textile design

    Edited by A. Briggs-Goode and K. Townsend

113. Biotextiles as medical implants

    Edited by M. King and B. Gupta

114. Textile thermal bioengineering

    Edited by Y. Li

115. Woven textile structure

    B. K. Behera and P. K. Hari

116. Handbook of textile and industrial dyeing. Volume 1: Principles processes and types of dyes

    Edited by M. Clark

117. Handbook of textile and industrial dyeing. Volume 2: Applications of dyes

    Edited by M. Clark

118. Handbook of natural fibres. Volume 1: Types, properties and factors affecting breeding and cultivation

    Edited by R. Kozlowski

119. Handbook of natural fibres. Volume 2: Processing and applications

    Edited by R. Kozlowski

120. Functional textiles for improved performance, protection and health

    Edited by N. Pan and G. Sun

121. Computer technology for textiles and apparel

    Edited by Jinlian Hu

122. Advances in military textiles and personal equipment

    Edited by E. Sparks

123. Specialist yarn, woven and fabric structure: Developments and applications

    Edited by R. H. Gong

124. Handbook of sustainable textile production

    Edited by M. Tobler-Rohr