Work Better with Column View – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 165Work Better with Column View

Column view within Finder is probably my favorite way of browsing files. To access it, open a Finder window, and click ViewAs Columns, or hit Command+3.

The only issue I sometimes have is that long filenames get truncated because of the narrow column widths. To get around this, I double-click the small double-bar icon at the bottom right of the column beneath the scrollbar (for an annotated example, see Figure 30, Resizing columns in Finder).

Figure 30. Resizing columns in Finder

This double-bar icon can also be dragged to resize the column. Holding down Option while resizing columns will both resize all columns proportionately within the Finder window and cause Finder to remember the resizing the next time you open a Finder window, rather than resetting the column width. Double-clicking the double-bar icon will cause the column to revert to its default size once it has been manually resized by clicking and dragging.