Contemporary developments – Managing People Globally

Appendix 1

Contemporary developments

To assist in keeping up with the rapid changes in HRM, the quality journals and newspapers should be consulted. Particularly good are The Economist, The Financial Times, Far East Economic Review and International Herald Tribune, all of which provide contemporary international and comparative insights.

There is also a range of journals, from the more academic to practitioner type that provide HRM-related information. These include those listed below, and cover specialist, general management and geographically focused journals.

British Journal of Industrial Relations

British Journal of Management

California Management Review

Employee Relations

Employment Gazette

Employment Relations Record

European Industrial Relations Review

European Journal of Industrial Relations

Human Relations

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Journal

Incomes Data Services

Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations Journal

Industrial Relations Services (10 journals)

International Employment Relations Review

International Journal of HRM

Journal of General Management

Journal of Industrial Relations

Journal of International Business Studies

Journal of Management Studies

Journal of World Business Labour

Management Revue

New Technology, Work and Employment

People Management

Personnel Review

Personnel Today (5 magazines)

Work, Employment and Society

Asia Pacific Business Review

Asia Pacific Journal of Business Administration

Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resource Management

Business Management Review

China Quarterly

Korean Journal of Management