Global Knowledge Courses Available – Designing SQL Server 2000 Databases

Global Knowledge Courses Available


 Windows 2000 Deployment Strategies

 Introduction to Directory Services

 Windows 2000 Client Administration

 Windows 2000 Server

 Windows 2000 Update

 MCSE Bootcamp

 Microsoft Networking Essentials

 Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

 Windows NT 4.0 Server

 Windows NT Troubleshooting

 Windows NT 4.0 Security

 Windows 2000 Security

 Introduction to Microsoft Web Tools

Management Skills

 Project Management for IT Professionals

 Microsoft Project Workshop

 Management Skills for IT Professionals

Network Fundamentals

 Understanding Computer Networks

 Telecommunications Fundamentals I

 Telecommunications Fundamentals II

 Understanding Networking Fundamentals

 Upgrading and Repairing PCs

 DOS/Windows A + Preparation

 Network Cabling Systems

WAN Networking and Telephony

 Building Broadband Networks

 Frame Relay Internetworking

 Converging Voice and Data Networks

 Introduction to Voice Over IP

 Understanding Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL)


 ATM Essentials

 ATM Internetworking

 ATM Troubleshooting

 Understanding Networking Protocols

 Internetworking Routers and Switches

 Network Troubleshooting

 Internetworking with TCP/IP

 Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks

 Network Management

 Network Security Administration

 Virtual Private Networks

 Storage Area Networks

 Cisco OSPF Design and Configuration

 Cisco Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Configuration

Web Site Management and Development

 Advanced Web Site Design

 Introduction to XML

 Building a Web Site

 Introduction to JavaScript

 Web Development Fundamentals

 Introduction to Web Databases

PERL, UNIX, and Linux

 PERL Scripting

 PERL with CGI for the Web

 UNIX Level I

 UNIX Level II

 Introduction to Linux for New Users

 Linux Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance

Authorized Vendor Training

Red Hat

 Introduction to Red Hat Linux

 Red Hat Linux Systems Administration

 Red Hat Linux Network and Security Administration

 RHCE Rapid Track Certification

Cisco Systems

 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices

 Advanced Cisco Router Configuration

 Installation and Maintenance of Cisco Routers

 Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting

 Designing Cisco Networks

 Cisco Internetwork Design

 Configuring Cisco Catalyst Switches

 Cisco Campus ATM Solutions

 Cisco Voice Over Frame Relay, ATM, and IP

 Configuring for Selsius IP Phones

 Building Cisco Remote Access Networks

 Managing Cisco Network Security

 Cisco Enterprise Management Solutions

Nortel Networks

 Nortel Networks Accelerated Router Configuration

 Nortel Networks Advanced IP Routing

 Nortel Networks WAN Protocols

 Nortel Networks Frame Switching

 Nortel Networks Accelar 1000

 Comprehensive Configuration

 Nortel Networks Centillion Switching

 Network Management with Optivity for Windows

Oracle Training

 Introduction to Oracle8 and PL/SQL

 Oracle8 Database Administration